Hacking maintenance in our daily lives

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In our everyday life, almost every equipment come fitted with intelligence and the latest technology. We use these appliances/equipment during the day and they make our life much easier. Unfortunately, sometimes these appliances break down and the maintenance process tends to be challenging, time-consuming and expensive. Due to these reasons, people tend to give up and just go to a store to buy a new appliance. This, of course, is not sustainable and can be quite expensive. Fixi solves this problem by bringing AI-based preventive maintenance to every home. It is a system that is integrated into smart home technologies combined with a mobile application to help people take good care of their home appliances.

Client: E-Craft

Type: App Interaction, Voice Demo

Status: Done

Duration: 3 days

Design Hackathon by Dash

BrainstormingMore and more devices are being produced and more and more are being thrown away. Fixi tackles this problem by using sensors in home appliances data will be collected. This data will be sent to Fixi who analyzes it and detects whether there is a problem. With Fixi problems get detected before appliances break down, i.e. there will be a better maintenance of products which results in a longer lifespan. When a problem is detected, Fixi will notify the user and connect the user and a repairman to get it fixed conveniently. This all will happen quickly and the user will get insight into the profile of the repairman, so it knows whether the repairman is trustable and conveniently available. While this creates convenience for the user, it also creates more convenience for repairmen.

Mert Oktay, Nesli Hazal Akbulut, Tinka Valentjin, Mauro Banze

What does it take to win a design hackathon?

It was hard to be futuristic while also being realistic. One of the biggest challenges was also focusing on part of the problem since the problem is too wicked to solve at once. We think that our final result is a good combination of combining best practices and thinking about future technologies. Apparently, to win a design hackathon, it takes a lot of persistence, creativity, boldness, diversity, and eagerness to learn. Thanks to our amazing team, Fixi won the maintenance in our everyday life challenge.

Pitching our voice demo, photo by Atte Mäkinen

Our client listening to our pitch, photo by Atte Mäkinen

Dash Hackathon photo by Atte Mäkinen

Fixi Team

Tools and methods used: Google Home Mini, Sketch, Ideation, Prototyping, User Experience

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