Conference Papers

Oktay, Nesli Hazal; Wilde, Danielle; Kuusk, Kristi (2023). Conversations with the Body of the Other: A Three-step Dialogical Process. In Proceedings of the Nordic Design Research Society, NORDES 2023. (forthcoming)

Demir, Arife Dila*; Oktay, Nesli Hazal*; Kuusk, Kristi (2023). Cultivating and Eliciting Felt Experiences for Design Use: Physical Manifestations of Abstract Bodily Experiences. In Proceedings of the Design Research Society Special Interest Group: Experiential Knowledge, EKSIG 2023. *joint first authors (forthcoming)

Oktay, Nesli Hazal (2023). Tangible Engagement with Possible Future(s) through Design Fiction. In Proceedings of (Building) New Perspectives through Practice-led Research in Art, Design and Architecture 2022. (forthcoming)

Oktay, Nesli Hazal (2022) Design placebos for the impossibility of empathy in videotelephony. In Proceedings of the Design Research Society, DRS2022.


Kuusk, K.; Oktay, N.H.; Demir, A.D. (2022) Sensorial Design: Feel, Move, Interact! In Design Journal Leida 1(1).