Decision-making through design



Draft Information System (EIS) is a digital environment where interagency coordination of documents, submission to the government and the public consultation take place. In addition to national documents, the EIS has available draft EU legislation and other documents related to the decision-making process of the European Union.

Client: Government Office of the Estonian Republic

Type: App Interaction

Status: Done

Duration: 2 months

Collaboration with: Brand Manual

Through the EIS, everyone can follow the processing of drafts, find documents that are searchable through the information system, participate in public consultations, and submit a comment on the document being co-ordinated. But according to the user research, the experience is not delightful for the general public. The main goal of my concept is to help citizens have better experiences on EIS and make them participate decision-making process through EIS.

User journey

Affinity Matrix




Tools and methods used: Service Design, User Research, Affinity Matrix, Double Diamond, Prototyping, User Experience, Flinto, Sketch

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