IdeationFor the final project of Interaction Design MA’s first semester (2017), Estonian Academy of Arts students worked on a project to redesign the future of banking with the new features of PSD2, European Union’s recently announced financial laws. Coinsbook is a result of this project,  which a mobile-based application concept to help users to share small amounts of money in a more friendly way.  If you owe your friend and want to pay back with a coffee, this is the right app for you!

Client: Swedbank Estonia

Type: App Interaction

Status: Done

Duration: 2 months

Collaboration with: Dux

After realizing that safety, privacy, time, simplicity, and trust were the main values; I decided to focus on the use of coins. The experiences I had while living in Estonia where cash is not so used inspired my journey through creating this concept where users can share small amounts of money with their friends in a nonformal and simple way. Instead of transferring money through mobile banking, Coinsbook will enable users to send promotion codes (of Taxify, Rimi, R-Kiosk etc.) to their friends. Every user will be able to set their wish list so that they won’t receive promotion codes that they wouldn’t use.

Defining the values
Paper Prototype
Friend list

Tools and methods used: Interaction Design, User Research, Prototyping, User Experience, Storytelling, Figma, After Effects

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