Dissolving Distances: Intimate embodiments in remote settings

Dissolving Distances is a research project that uses the body as a creative material in design while exploring ways to design for people who are close by heart but physically apart. Our bodies play a significant role in maintaining and nourishing intimacy. Dissolving Distances uses Research through Design, adopting a participatory approach in design, to better understand how to extend the sense of intimacy while making and wearing non-lasting objects—bio-rings made with agar agar, glycerin, and water. The project thus explores the potential of making and wearing something new and fragile as means to foster intimacy in distance.

See the CV on the Estonian Research Information System for more: https://www.etis.ee/portal/persons/display/98e0e285-3de3-405e-bfb6-42af15c43f6f/eng

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