Speculating with designers remotely

The design community of Estonia was invited to take part in the hands-on micro-conference, organized as a satellite event to the UX TARTU 2020. This is a workshop report of ‘IxDA Tallinn Workshops: Focusing on the Bigger Picture’, lead by Nesli Hazal Akbulut, Tallinn on the 28th of May 2020.

Speculations can help us detect possible problems of our possible future(s) and help us get closer to our desired future(s) by eliminating the factors that led to an undesirable future(s). By speculating more, we can open up new perspectives and create new spaces for discussions. The main goal of the workshop was to give designers a new tool to reframe design thinking methods and to reimagine our future(s). Due to the outbreak of COVID19, the workshop held online through Zoom and Miro.

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