Designing the future of coins

Don’t you hate copy pasting bank info when sending money to your friend who is sitting next to you? This mobile-based app concept recognizes the person through the camera and helps you send them a small amount of promotional code in their preference quickly. The concept is a result of the collaboration between Interaction Design MA students and Swedbank Estonia’s UX team for the visual interaction design class. The design brief was to redesign the future of banking with the new features of PSD2, European Union’s recently announced financial laws.

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When designing the future of coins, my main methodology was generative research. I have chosen this method because it allows me to have a deeper understanding of user needs and desires. I have talked to different people with different backgrounds and lifestyles so I got inspired by those interesting conversations. Such as a 50-year-old Estonian journalist who said that he hates to carry cash with him and a 21-year-old Ukrainian student who said she prefers to pay back with a coffee if she owes a friend.

After realizing that safety, privacy, time, simplicity, and trust were the main values of my target group; I decided to focus on the use of coins. The experiences I had while living in Tallinn, Estonia where cash is not commonly used, inspired my journey through creating this concept. Instead of transferring money through mobile banking, Coinsbook will enable users to send promotion codes of Uber, Airbnb, and Amazon to their friends. Every user will be able to set their wish list so that they won’t receive promotion codes that they wouldn’t like.

Use Case:

-The user is at a cafe with his friend and when the bill arrives the waitress says that the pos machine is broken and that they have to pay in cash.

-He is not carrying cash with him so his friend pays for his beer. He wants to pay back his friend as quickly as possible.

-He decides to transfer the money and when he asks about the bank info of his friend, she says “it is just 3 euros it’s not a big deal” and that “he can pay later”; but he knows that he will forget about it again if he doesn’t pay now.


-The user opens the Coinsbook mobile app to send an Airbnb code to his friend. He does not need the bank info, it is secure and fast. And it’s friendlier than just transferring money.

coinsbook screens

Tools and methods used: Interaction Design, Sketch, User Research, UX & UI design

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