ProxDot, making sound tangible

ProxDot is an interactive pin created by me and two of my classmates from Estonian Academy of Arts as a result of an experimental tangible design project. It is possible to wear the pin to create your personal space and respect other’s or just to follow your back when you want to feel safer. The main goal of this project was to create a tangible music design with Arduino. Both the input and the output of the design had to be tangible and at least one of them had to be audio. As a team of people from different cultures and backgrounds (Canada, Turkey, Estonia); we were triggered by the fact that personal space is so much bigger in Estonia compared to many countries. We have chosen music and sound as output and proximity as input for Arduino. So our bodies become the instrument that would provide sound via pins and based on the proximity. My role in this project was ideation, concept design, and video production.

Possible inputs for ArduinooutputArduinoWorking with ArdunioSnapshot From the Prototype VideoSnapshot From the Prototype VideoSnapshot From the Prototype Video

Tools and methods used: Tangible Design, Arduino Uno, iMovie, Video Storytelling

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