I have participated in the TransferWise Hackathon 2019 in March and met great people. Our team of product managers, developers, and designers have decided to create a feature for TransferWise mobile app which was not engaging and interactive enough. We created a TrackWise feature that would allow users to track their spendings that took place on their TransferWise plastic card. In our concept, machine learning will categorize the spendings with the help of the keywords and the location of the spending. We were beyond happy and honored that the Mobile Product Team of TransferWise are now considering to use our presentation and our prototype as a source of inspiration for the possible newest feature.


Our goal was to increase brand loyalty with this mobile app feature that is both informative and engaging for users that want to take a deep look into their spendings. Plus during the kick-off of the Hackathon, we were told that TransferWise’s biggest marketing is the Word Of Mouth so we believe this feature will increase the brand awareness and provide a positive impact for the users. I was one of the designers in the team with Rajiv Dhanraj (on the left in the pic below) and we created the working prototype by using Sketch and Adobe XD. My role in the team was ideation, design and presentation preparation.

The team




Tools and methods used: Interaction Design, Sketch, Adobe XD, UX & UI design

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