Job hunting meets AI

What if Artificial Intelligence could use our data to create something meaningful for us? I believe that job hunting will be so much different than today in the future. Hopefully, we won’t have the boring CV’s that do not represent who we are as unique human beings with passions, dreams, and values. Thanks to AI, finding the right company that fits our values and personalities can be so much more seamless. Currently, companies are already using AI to filter out candidates CV’s, so only a few amounts of them end up on a desk of a human being. So why not use this technology as candidates to create the perfect CV for ourselves? The concept works like this: It detects if you need a Smart CV and creates it based on your activities. It will be connected to all of your smart devices and it will track what contents you are consuming, what you are purchasing etc. It will also ask you some interesting questions to understand your personality based on your answers. Do you spend a lot of time to analyze a question that might not have the right answer or do you break down the answers?

Design concept created during the class of Design for Emerging Themes 2019 at Estonian Academy of Arts. Concept produced by Nesli Hazal Akbulut.

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